The Monroe Joint Fire District is administered by an elected five-person Board of Fire Commissioners.

One commissioner is elected each year for a five-year term.


Thomas Sullivan - Chairman  : [email protected]
Jason Kalter - Vice Chairman  : [email protected]
David C. Board : [email protected]  
Pat Patterson  : [email protected]
Tom Lowe  : [email protected]


Richard Goldstein  : [email protected]


Kathleen Aherne  : [email protected]

Past Commissioners

2011 Thomas Lowe
2011-2012 Leonard Leonick
2011-2013 Thomas Carton
2011-2019 Thomas Smith
2014-2015 Dominick Pascullo Jr.
2016 Timothy W. Carr
2013-2016 Peter J. Scrobe
2017 Vini Tankasali 

  2015-2022 John Centofanti                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


District Map

District Map

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