department info badgesThe objective of the Monroe Fire Department shall be the saving of lives, and the protection property endangered by fire or other disasters, to promote the teaching and practice of fire prevention and to promote social welfare of its members.


Department Chief Officers 

  • Chief - John Scherne
  • 1st Assistant Chief - Rich Lenahan
  • 2nd Assistant Chief - Jon Dolch


Department Civil Officers 

  • President - Gerry Fraioli
  • Vide President - William Scolza
  • Secretary - Eric Prager
  • Chaplin - Frank Faber


Department Officers

Safety Officers

  • Tom Lowe

  • Michael Gormley

  • Gerry Fraioli

Fire Police Officers

  • Eric Prager - Captain

  • John Kerwin - Lieutenant

Dive Team Officers

  • John Centofanti - Captain

  • Glen Muente - Asst. Dive Captain

 Monroe FD - 100% Volunteer


Monroe Fire Department is part of the Orange County Mutual Aide plan Official County Dept Designation: 28 - Battalion 5

We are proud to be the home Departmet of the following Orange County, N.Y. Division of Fire Service Officials....


Vini Tankasali (36-01)
Deputy Commissioner

Charles Mancuso, Jr. (36-3) 
Deputy Fire Coordinator

Deputy Fire Coordinator




Brief Department History

In 2011, the three fire companies serving the Town of Monroe (Mombasha Fire Company, Harriman Fire Engine Company, and Lakeside Fire and Rescue Company) merged to create the Monroe Joint Fire District. 

The three fire companies respond together for all calls within the boundaries of our Joint Fire District. By combining resources, the Monroe Joint Fire District is able to provide a wide range of fire and rescue services as part of a consolidated Department. 

The three companies work together on a daily basis, and routinely participate in joint training sessions to achieve the highest level of integration. Three Chiefs and several junior officers oversee the combined Department.



Past Department Presidents

2011-2013 Charles W. Crover
2014-2015 John Centofanti
2016-2017 William J. Scolza

Past Department Chief Officers

2011-2012 Vini Tankasali
2012-2013 George Linderman
2014-2015 Timothy W. Carr
2016-2017 Daniel L. Bennet